Area Rug Cleaning

At Toronto Carpet Cleaning, we believe that your rugs are more than just simple objects at home. They add warmth, distinction and a pop of color to plain spaces, which is why they deserve your attention.

More often than not, we think of cleaning rugs a few days before a special occasion or gathering. Truth is, they need to be deep-cleaned more often than that so you can avoid compromising your family’s health and wasting money from frequent rug replacement.

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Intensive Cleaning

Since rugs always receive a great amount of traffic, dirt, bacteria, and allergens lurk in their fibers. This is the exact same reason why they need to go through an intensive cleaning process. Our job at Toronto Carpet Cleaning is to make sure that all your rugs are free from all possible unhealthy elements when we’re done with them. Our rigorous cleaning approach penetrates through every fiber, which means your rugs can finally be 100% clean and will stay clean for as long as possible.

Gentle Rug Care

While making sure all dirt and unwanted objects are removed from your rugs, we also make sure to maintain their color and beauty in many ways possible. One is by using only gentle cleaning products that are mostly eco-friendly and contain no toxic substances. This way, you can protect not only your precious rugs, but also your family.

Deep Rug Cleaning for All

Our professional rug cleaners can handle all types of rugs available, thick or thin. Regardless if they are made out of cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, or some other materials, rest assured they’d get proper cleaning and care they needed.

Expert Rug Handling

You’ve spent a great deal of time picking out the best area rug in the store. You’ve browsed through the patterns and colors available to make sure they match your taste and home and interior. You don’t want just anyone to handle the rug you spent so much money and time for. If you choose us, we’ll make sure to give it utmost care so you can make the most out of it.

Our rug cleaning specialists have gone through intensive training and had extensive experience in their profession. As part of our standard procedures, we always make sure that they follow the best practices in rug cleaning so when you have to use your rugs once again, not only you will be impressed to see how clean and pristine they are, but also your guests and family members.

Our clients in Toronto and nearby areas have trusted our carpet and rug cleaning services for 10 years. If we’ve managed to stay this long in the business, there’s no reason for you not to count on us as well.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions and concerns about rug cleaning or furniture and couch cleaning. Our friendly phone representatives are always on standby to answer your queries, giving you clear upfront pricing, which are very affordable.

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