During the two decades after World War II, Etobicoke was established as a post-war, modern suburb. Its population increased from less than 40,000 to above 200,000 but it continues to maintain a low population density. There were a dozen schools, numerous shops, offices, and houses that were established in order to support the booming population of Etobicoke. The increase was in accordance with the growth in automobile ownership. Broad streets and roads with separate commercial, industrial, and residential zoning were also built.

Etobicoke Toronto

Etobicoke has several commercial developments that were established during the late 1950s as well as early 1960s. The “motel strip,” gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers reflect the lifestyle and mindset of the residents of Etobicoke as well.


Shopping Centers and Restaurants

There are two main shopping centers in Etobicoke, namely, Thorncrest Plaza and Humbertown Mall, constructed in 1955 and 1956, respectively. Thorncrest Plaza is located in the northeastern part of Islington Avenue and Rathburn Road. Humbertown Mall, which is located one block to the east on Royal York Road, is also at the northern part of the intersection with Dundas Street.

Kipling Queensway Mall, is one of the major shopping malls, near Sherway Gardens, which is a real estate subdivision in the southern part of The Queensway. The mall also provides spaces for more than 23 brand name stores.

For a range of restaurants and independent shops, you can visit Lake Shore Boulevard, The Queensway, and the Bloor Street West. You can also drop by local favorites such as  Momiji Sushi on Bloor St. West, JOEY and Cactus Club Café at Sherway Gardens, and San Remo Bakery on Royal York Road.

Real Estate

In terms of real estate, most of the homes in Etobicoke are single, semi-detached or detached houses on expansive streets. There are also several apartments and condominiums in the area and they are situated within the proximity of the waterfront or Humber River. As stated previously, Sherway Gardens is also one of the real estate sites in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke Suburbs

Edenbridge-Humber Valley

Regarded as an upper-middle-class neighborhood near Humber River, Edenbridge-Humber Valley has two golf courses, namely, Country Club Humber River and Lambton Golf. It also has four parks such as Humber Valley Park, Lambton Woods Park, James Garden, and Buttonwood Park.

The Kingsway

The Kingsway is also located near the Humber River, and this suburb is popular due to its superb atmosphere, tree-lined streets, and stately houses.

Islington-City Center West

Situated in the heart of Etobicoke, this community maintains a balance of comfort and convenience given the blend of residential and commercial developments. Sherway Gardens, Cloverdale Mall, IKEA, and other large box stores are located inside this suburb’s shopping center.

Markland Wood

This origin of this neighborhood’s name is the Markland Golf Club situated in the western part of the community. What surrounds it is Highway 427 in the eastern portion and the lush bushes in the western area.


Princess-Rosethorn is known for its tranquil, suburban atmosphere, which is ideal for retirees and families who are searching for accessibility to golf courses, schools, shops, and parks. Houses are normally bungalows and split-level homes in large lots.


Situated at the eastern part of the Pearson Airport, this suburb is considered a residential site for families geared towards a laidback atmosphere.


Etobicoke is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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