The country of Canada is known to be the most multi-cultural place in the world. Communities and villages are established for the benefit of the people, no matter who you are or where you came from. This alone made a striking impact for people looking for a greener pasture, a new environment, or a place to settle down. If you are looking to visit Toronto for a long-term stay, you’ll need a quick guide for one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto, The Beaches.

Volleyball at Woodbine Beach

General Information

You’ll find The Beaches located by the Coxwell Avenue to the west, Kingston Road to the north, Victoria Park Avenue to the east, and for the south, it is bound by Lake Ontario, Lake Shore Boulevard, and Queen Street East. The Beaches is outlined by four beaches, you’ll witness a boardwalk that highlights its shoreline. The four beaches are referred to as Scarboro beach, Woodbine beach, Balmy Beach, and Kew beach. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that all of these beaches are Blue Flag-certified, meaning all of them are certified for cleanliness and suitable for swimming.


The Beaches has initially been a land of massive forest area and swamps. Although there were a few families that occupy the area, it was during the 1900s that the Toronto Harbour commission acquired the Kew Gardens private park and the shoreline. With progress and development, the Toronto Harbour commission enlarged the area during 1930. After two years, the boardwalk was finally open to the public. Time passed by that The Beaches became one of the top destinations for the people of Toronto and visitors from all around the world. As people flood the area, real estate value skyrocketed, and it became a premier option for housing and enterprises.

Local Facts and Trivia

Taking the chance to visit The Beaches is an unforgettable moment in one’s life. You’ll likely hear residents arguing over the name of the neighborhood when a newcomer graces their location. Long-time locals would say that the place is called The Beach. However, for those that are new to the place would insist on calling the area as The Beaches. As the arguments heated, the Beaches Business Improvement Area board acknowledged the result of a poll that favored the moniker, The Beach, by 58%.

The community featured a variety of amusement parks during the early 20th century, identified as the Munro Park, Scarboro Beach Park, and Victoria Park. Although some of them are not operational anymore, numerous streets are named after these parks. The Beach shares a spot in the limelight as well as the R.C Harris Water Treatment Park has multiple in numerous television programs and films such as In the Mouth of Madness, Four Brothers, Half Baked, and Undercover Brother.

Speaking of star-quality exposure, a lot of residents grew up at The Beach like pianist Glenn Gould, author Robert Fulford, Academy-award winning director Norman Jewison, and the band Down with Webster.

The Beach is full of boutique stores, bistros, restaurants, bars, and pubs that make each visit interesting. Aside from these opportunities, there are avenues for physical and outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy.

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